“There is a feminine beauty that is skin-deep, shallow, often artificially-enhanced, and very perishable. But there is another kind of beauty that comes from deep within. It is the Divine Spirit emanating from you. This radiance is a gift to life.”
— page 133

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About Richard

Richard’s Bio

Richard Axial, a business school graduate of one of the world’s most renowned universities, enjoyed a successful top-level management career in both commercial enterprises and nonprofit organizations, but during this time he always understood that a job is not a purpose. So, more than two decades ago he left that lucrative career in order to follow the call of the Life Divine.

During his subsequent spiritual journey, he studied under both male and female teachers. In parallel with his spiritual development, he experienced a growing awareness of the need for women’s empowerment in global and community affairs, and the need for the greater presence of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, in the human heart.

As a consequence of these two passions, he developed a fresh new path of spiritual awakening specifically designed for modern women, one intended to meet their needs as career women, mothers, and householders. The methods and practices of his school stand in significant contrast to the methods typically employed by more traditional spiritual teachers.

As a parallel expression of his commitment to the Divine, from 2005-2015 Richard also served on the governing board of a scientific institute at the forefront of consciousness research, and the knowledge gleaned there has contributed to his unique approach to spiritual awakening.

Richard lives a quiet, contemplative life in the wine country north of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Richard…creates a container where women can truly open to their full feminine divinity, their “Goddess” nature.  p.13

Richard’s Teachings

If reading Woman, Goddess and Savior has increased your passion for spiritual awakening, Richard encourages you to actively seek out spiritual teachers in your local area and sample their offerings until you find a guide who is a match for your desire for spiritual advancement. Then, as the saying goes, stick to them like glue.

Spiritual teachers can differ greatly in their philosophy and methods of teaching. The different approaches can have a significant impact on the number of students a teacher can reach and the level of commitment and dedication expected from those seekers. Some adepts have thousands of followers around the globe; whereas, others may work intensively with only a handful of students.

Richard teaches in-person to a local following and does not offer online or previously recorded teaching materials. He believes that face-to-face engagement is essential for deep spiritual work. Currently, he does not travel to other communities to teach.

Richard guides his students in a very active and pervasive fashion, and they, in turn, are expected to pursue their spiritual goals with dedication and commitment. The majority of his students have had previous experience working with an adept in a disciplined manner. This style of engagement necessarily limits him to working with only a small number of students; therefore, he does not actively solicit additional students.

Blessings on your journey.

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“Richard Axial has written a profound book. In clear and practical language he illuminates the journey of women awakening to their divine feminine. In my therapy practice, I see women who are longing to be more free, embodied and alive. This book will enhance the lives of all women who read it, offering tools to free us from self-limiting beliefs and setting us on the path of awakening. Here is to more awake, alive and embodied women!”
—Alice Treves, LCSW, Co-Founder, Stepping Stone Project

“I’ve always been curious about who I am, what I’m doing here on planet Earth, and I have studied many spiritual practices in order to find a way to live a fulfilling, loving and joyful life. It has sometimes been a lonely journey, and the answers haven’t come easily. As a pediatrician of 35 years I have had the honor of listening to parents, especially mothers, who ask these same questions and who are desperately seeking answers in order to find meaning in their lives. Woman, Goddess & Savior revealed a path to me that resonated with my spirit as a woman. This path of embodied love for others and myself has helped return me to my heart, my joy and a sense of connectedness and purpose. I recommend this book to any seeker wishing to explore the path of love as a means to enlightenment.”
—Lindy Woodard, MD, Pediatric Alternatives, Mill Valley, CA, integrative healthcare for children and adolescents

“Human awakening is at hand… a journey through the spiritual eye of the needle. What’s the impetus for such a journey? A powerful energetic in which both women and men evolve beyond ideas of separation, nurture their unique strengths, and step together into an undivided human consciousness, participating in the evolution of Consciousness itself. Richard’s life work invites women into their powerful place in this awakening, not as by-standers, but rather as the long awaited propulsive force of transformation. Read this book… if you are ready.”
—Deborah Jones, Executive Director, Nine Gates Mystery School   



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I’ve had a few spiritual teachers, and what “I have come to know is that they are a precious gift. They appear when you are ready…” —page 83

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