“Awakened women with the consciousness and capacity to positively shape our world have never been more needed. Woman, Goddess & Savior calls on us to liberate our spiritual essence so that we can set ourselves and the world free from the trance of the separate ego. How rare to have a ‘man with heart’ such as Richard Axial dedicate himself to awakening the sleeping goddess in women today. His book is a powerful invitation to accept ourselves just as we are and allow our unique Divine Feminine energy to stream into the world. It is time for women to show up in their fullness, and Richard’s book lays out a pathway to do just that.”
—Suzanne Anderson, founder of Mysterial Woman and co-author of The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead

Woman, Goddess & Savior conveys a deep and important message for our time: awakening the feminine and restoring our reverence for the sacred female, a message critical to the health of our species and to the nourishment of our bodies, hearts and souls. Richard offers himself as a wayshower and witness to women seeking awakening. His teachings are at once practical and sober, as well as infused with intimate devotion and surrendered service to the Goddess. This book is not about transcending to the mountaintop, but about awakening in and through daily life, reveling in the splendor of the feminine creation and using it as the crucible for enlightenment.”
—Stacey Lawson, entrepreneur, author, spiritual teacher, Executive Vice Chairman, Ygrene Energy Fund, Former Board Chair, the Institute of Noetic Sciences

 “If you’re skeptical about a man offering spiritual lessons to women, you may naturally think twice about reading this book. I say read it anyway! You’ll love it as much as me. This is a sincere and clearly written book that describes a path to spiritual cultivation for Western women. The author works from the wise insight that the conventional spiritual curriculum has been intended primarily for men.  Something different is required for women, in part because we more easily awaken in our daily lives and also because Life needs women at this point in history to awaken! Richard is an unusually committed champion of Awakened Women and offers this timely gift in book form. I read the book over the course of a few days, genuinely hungry for what it shared, namely: a narration of Everywoman’s journey to know herself as Awake. For this alone, the book is very helpful to the spiritually curious woman. What makes this a truly valuable book, however, is that it is also a call to awakened action by women in general.”
—Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D., Member of the Teaching Circle at the Zen Center of Portland, author of Eros/Power: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry—Transforming how Women and Men Relate